New Report: Employing and Engaging Families with Young Children, 2024

How to Open a Child Care Facility

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This toolkit can provide information to those considering opening a child care facility, from start to certified completion. Use this toolkit to discover information about what makes a child care a high-quality early learning experience and a valuable resource in a community.


For employers, insufficient child care results in reductions in revenue and increased hiring costs. A workforce with lower productivity and shorter tenure has major economic consequences.

Growing Tomorrow’s Economy Means Investing in Child Care Today, PA Early Learning Investment Commission, Ready Nation. April 2019.

Through the state of Pennsylvania’s Pre-Kindergarten Educational Improvement Tax Credit, corporations can receive tax credits for donating to pre-kindergarten scholarship organizations that provide low- and middle-income families with prekindergarten scholarships, as well as organizations that support innovative public school programs.

Businesses may donate up to $750,000 each year to EITC-eligible organizations and then claim 75% of that donation as a credit to offset their state tax liability. The credit can increase to 90% if a business commits to donating funds for two consecutive years.