New Report: Employing and Engaging Families with Young Children, 2024

Offering Child Care Guide

Empower your workforce with strategic child care solutions

The Offering Child Care Guide is an invaluable resource for employers seeking innovative ways to bolster their workforce by supporting working families and contributing to a top-notch child care infrastructure. This guide unfolds in three crucial parts: contracted slots; Back-up, On-Site and Near-Site Care; and Opening a Child Care Facility. Uncover strategies that not only enhance productivity but also elevate employee retention and recruitment efforts. Explore how investing in child care solutions can foster a workplace environment where professional excellence and family well-being go hand in hand.

Contracted Slots

By contracting with local, high-quality child care providers, employers can secure reserved slots for their employees, offering priority admission and emergency backup care. Pennsylvania's Creative Child Care Solutions, a fee-for-service option, facilitates businesses in exploring and implementing this approach, fostering relationships with area child care providers.

Back-up, On-Site and Near-Site Care

Addressing the rising demand for backup care, employers can contract with national or local child care providers to offer flexible backup care services, reducing absences and associated costs, enhancing productivity, and improving retention. Additionally, discover the benefits of On-site or Near-site Child Care, a powerful talent attraction and retention strategy, proven to reduce turnover costs, enhance employee performance, and minimize absenteeism. Uncover potential financial advantages through tax credits and access resources to guide facility creation or tax credit applications.

Opening a Child Care Facility

This resource guides individuals through the entire process of establishing a high-quality early learning experience that becomes a valuable community asset. Recognize the economic impact of insufficient child care on employers, leading to reduced revenue and increased hiring costs, as highlighted by the PA Early Learning Investment Commission. Learn about the state of Pennsylvania's Pre-Kindergarten Educational Improvement Tax Credit, offering corporations tax credits for supporting pre-kindergarten scholarships and innovative public school programs.