Impact on Businesses

Business and PA's Economy

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, turnover as a result of lack of child care costs businesses 20% of an hourly employee's salary and up to 150% of a manager’s salary. Companies that take an active role in helping their employees secure these services generate billions of dollars a year in revenue due to increased workforce participation.

The Business Case for Quality Child Care

Understanding the Need

Annually, child care issues cost PA businesses and our economy $3.47 billion in direct employer costs and tax revenue. That’s money we can gain if we support families’ childcare needs, and employers are paying attention.
  • Nearly half of employers nationwide are at least moderately concerned about talent leaving.
  • 74% of employers say support for employers with young and school-age children is a current priority.
  • 89% of employers are looking for solutions to child care for their frontline workers.
  • 58% of employers believe they lost employees due to a lack of child care during the pandemic.

Read our report on the impact of child care on PA businesses and on our workforce.

Research shows accessible, affordable, high-quality child care helps families work, businesses and our economy grow, and children – our future workforce – stay on track for success during a critical window for brain development.

66% of PA employers have a strong interest in exploring ways to help working families with child care needs, according to a report published in 2021 by the Pennsylvania Early Learning Investment Commission and the PA Chamber of Business and Industry.

70% of employers say they’re unaware of the resources and research available to help them determine what their employees need and what best supports children and families.


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The High Cost of Working in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood educators are the workforce behind the workforce. However, child care providers in Pennsylvania earn less than $13 an hour.


U.S. Chamber "Employer Roadmap"

This roadmap from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation helps senior leaders and business owners learn their options for supporting working parents with their child care needs. It is also intended to help leaders understand what to expect when embarking on this journey and how to take action.


Small Business Strategies

Small businesses can make a big difference simply by understanding what resources exist for their working families with young children and making that information readily available.

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