New Report: $2.4 Billion: The Annual Cost of PA's Child Care Crisis for Working Mothers

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New Report: Employing and Engaging Families with Young Children, 2024

Impact on Working Families

Child Care Helps Families Work

As parents struggle to balance work and family obligations, employers are losing out. Even when parents are able to stay employed, child-care breakdowns take a toll on attendance and thus business productivity and customer service.

And right now, child care is expensive and hard to find, and it is forcing parents and caregivers – especially mothers – to cut back on work or leave the workforce.

Why Does Child Care Cost So Much Yet Providers Make So Little?

It’s a common question. Why do parents spend so much on child care, yet early childhood teachers earn so little? The average cost of child care is out of reach for many families and rivals college tuition, while early educators are among the lowest paid workers in the country. How is this possible?

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$2.4 Billion: The Annual Cost of PA's Child Care Crisis for Working Mothers

ReadyNation and the Council for a Strong America's "2.4 Billion: The Annual Cost of PA's Child Care Crisis for Working Mothers" details the amount lost in earnings, productivity, and tax revenue due to gaps in the child care system.


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