New Report: $2.4 Billion: The Annual Cost of PA's Child Care Crisis for Working Mothers

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New Report: Employing and Engaging Families with Young Children, 2024

Small Business Strategies

Policies and Practices that Work

Small businesses can make a big difference simply by understanding what resources exist for their working families with young children and making that information readily available. Consider adding a section in your employee handbook that includes the resources described in the provide information to families section of this website.

Increase Access

Small businesses can make a big difference simply by understanding how families find and afford quality child care and making that information readily available to employees. Consider adding an employee only section on your website that includes the resources found here.

Business Resources

Even small businesses can benefit by better understanding the child care needs of their employees. Consider adding a few caregiving questions to employee feedback surveys or making an intentional effort to check in on child care challenges during supervisory 1:1 meetings. Use the sample employee survey for ideas.

Advance the Quality Child Care System

Effective and successful state and federal advocacy takes many voices. Consider supporting Pennsylvania’s early childhood providers and children by signing up for legislative alerts with one or more of PA’s advocacy organizations (link to the advocate section of the website) and adding your name to petitions and letters to legislators.

Employers and Communities that Care

Employees value a workplace culture that care about the local community. Consider “adopting” a small local child care center and organize several supporting events throughout the year. Ideas include donating supplies like art supplies and new children’s books. Many child care providers also love have volunteers come in to read a story!